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In 2013 CSIF used a pro bono donation of services from my former company Karo Group to develop an identity for their signature event, the $100 Film Festival (now Artifact Film Festival). This included the redesign and rebuild of the festival website. There were no remaining resources to redevelop their main website, which CSIF realized was inferior and inefficient compared with the new festival website.

Having just left Karo in the spring of 2014 I had some extra time and volunteered to redevelop the CSIF website, using the same content management system (CMS) as the new festival site to simplify their maintenance tasks.

It was a pleasure working with Nicola Waugh and her team at CSIF and with Jacques Krzepkowski, the designer of this site. The site includes custom functionality to simplify the management of home page features, Twitter feed and event or workshop registrations.

Signal has also created two other websites for CSIF:

Luma Quarterly

Artifact Film Festival

Scope of work —

  • content planning
  • development
  • documentation & training
  • ongoing support
  • Silverstripe CMS